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The pictures below are from the Old McDonald's Farm balloons test flight June 3, 2004. The pictures were taken by Kay West while flying in another hot air balloon along side of ours.

Test Flight June 2, 2004 Sioux Falls, SD     Pilot:  Mark West

Photos by Kay West



After being completed in the first week of May the FAA wanted a test flight. For three weeks the weather was not very cooperative, thunderstorms and isolated tornados were the norm in the mid west. With only a week before the Sulphur Spring's Festival a miracle happened, the weather for June 2, was calm to 13,000 feet. The balloon didn't travel no more than a couple hundred feet across the ground, just what the chase crew likes.

Our factory visit during construction

Production Floor When Will It End
The Silo Stretched Out Russ & Martin Going Over Conections
Testing The Fabric Sewing And Sewing And Sewing
Checking Out Some Baskets Zone 5 Burners Being Built
Inspecting A Basket Going Over Some Stitching At Miss Piggy End Of The Trip
Trying Out The Glow Burner Close Look At The Glow Burner
Both Burners Going Russ & Miss Piggy
  Getting A Feel Of Our Basket  


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