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    We wanted to plan a special dinner party to thank all of the people that helped us with the balloon in its first season. The Discovery Channel found out and thought our theme was exciting and something they wanted to be part of.  So, celebrity party planner, David Tutera, of The Party Planners with David Tutera, a new show due to air on The Discovery Channel this December (2004), stepped in and turned our theme into something really special. He turned our dinner party and home into a French Bistro, since the weekend of the party was the same date as the 221st anniversary of the first recorded manned balloon flight, which took place in France. Below are some of the pictures from that enchanting evening.  Our season finale flight & dinner was aired on the Discovery Channel February 2005. 

Thank you to our volunteers and thank you to David Tutera & his crew.

 Off to the flight before the dinner


Off to the flight before the dinner


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